This is truly special
— Sir James MacMillan


"SANSARA slips easily into the elite ranks of exceptional performers...breathtaking"

★  ★  ★  ★  ★



"perfect intonation and a clean, pure sound...choral singing with real depth"

★  ★  ★  ★

From 21-23 June 2016, we recorded fifteen pieces  in the beautiful thirteenth-century chapel of Merton College, Oxford. We are excited to be working with Convivium Records for this project and were thrilled to have been joined by producer Andrew King and engineer Adaq Khan for the sessions.

As well as recording works from the Renaissance through to the early twentieth-century we were delighted to record works by contemporary composers Sir James MacMillanGabriel JacksonMalcolm ArcherCheryl Frances-Hoad alongside new compositions by our Associate Composers Oliver Tarney and Marco Galvani.

Oliver Tarney
"SANSARA's debut album really is sensational. I confidently say that they are already one of the finest, most exciting choirs in the UK today. Their approach to new and established repertoire is so refreshing, and their programmes are delivered with intelligence, musicality, and precision. They have an enormously bright future, and I am very excited to be part of this as an Associate Composer."

Malcolm Archer
"Cloths of Heaven is a text I have wanted to set for some time, and SANSARA's performance of this and other contemporary works is exemplary. SANSARA are one of the most exciting young choirs to emerge in recent years, and this marvellous debut disc deserves much acclaim." 

Cheryl Frances-Hoad
"I am thrilled with SANSARA's glorious performance of my 'O come, let us sing unto the Lord': what an exhilarating choral sound!"

Gabriel Jackson
“I am delighted that SANSARA have included on their debut CD the first recording of ‘Our flags are wafting in hope and grief’. The words, by the Estonian Doris Kareva, tell of the triumph of freedom over oppression and it’s important that the choir have given us the opportunity to reflect on that struggle when freedom in the Baltic states is still fragile.”


Manuel Cardoso - Introitus (from Requiem)
William Byrd - Emendemus in melius
Nicolas Gombert - Lugebat David Absalon
William Byrd - Memento homo
J. S. Bach - Wie sich ein Vat'r erbarmet
Rudolf Mauersberger - Wie liegt die Stadt so wüst
Josef Rheinberger - Abendlied
J. S. Bach - Leit uns mit deiner rechten Hand
Gustav Holst - Nunc dimittis
Cheryl Frances-Hoad - O come, let us sing unto the Lord
Gabriel Jackson - Our flags are wafting in hope and grief
Marco Galvani - Tantum ergo
Malcolm Archer - Cloths of Heaven
Oliver Tarney - A Prayer of St Richard of Chichester
James MacMillan - Lux aeterna


We are enormously grateful to the following people, who helped make this recording happen through their generous financial support:

Alexandra Mayson - Alison Benton - Andrew Lenon - Andrew Macarthur- Anne Stow - Antonia Peal - Bob and Nancy Emmerson - Bridget Emmerson - Cathy and Geoffrey Breeze - Cathy Yelf - Charmian Devas - Cheryl Frances-Hoad - Chrissie Frere-Cook - Cliftlands - Clive and Rebecca Cunningham - David and Jill Galvani - Fiona Dobie - Frederick and Annabel Hervey-Bathurst - G. A. B. Davies-Jones - Gabrielle Preedy - George Juggins - Graham Hill - Icosa Choir - J Davies-Jones - John Jarratt - Keith Long - Ken Thomson and Ursula Schlapp - Laurie Mayers - Les Baker - Lucy Cox - Lynne Foote - Mark Zarb-Adami - Michael Drayton - Nicholas Freestone - Peter M Ward - Richard Emmerson - The Richard Threlfall Charitable Trust - Rob Emmerson - Rosemary - Samuel Rosenberg - Sarah Hard - Simon Beloe - Stockbridge Music - Terry Hemming - Thérèse and Peter O'Neill - Tim L Wright - Tony Revell - Vicki Foley - and two anonymous donors.